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Saxony Imports

York Beach's Favorite Gift Shop

You’ve just found the most popular souvenir shop and gift emporium in York Beach!


A Bit About Us

Welcome to Saxony Imports, the magical haven of novelty treasures nestled in the heart of the picturesque York Beach, Maine! Step into our vibrant world and prepare to be captivated by an enchanting collection of fun-filled wonders that will leave you dreaming, giggling, and embracing the joy of treasure hunting.


At Saxony Imports, we believe that every moment should be cherished, and what better way to commemorate your time in this idyllic coastal town than with a memento that brings a smile to your face? From the moment you stroll through our doors, the air becomes infused with an infectious sense of excitement, as if the very pulse of York Beach flows through our aisles.


Calling all families! Prepare to embark on a whimsical adventure alongside your loved ones, as our vast array of goodies caters to the child in all of us. From the littlest treasure seekers to the young at heart, we have something to delight everyone. Wandering through our treasure trove, you'll find an assortment of sweatshirts and t-shirts that showcase the spirit of Maine, ensuring memories made at the beach are forever etched into your wardrobe.


But our treasures don't stop there! Allow your imagination to whisk you away as you explore our eclectic collection, featuring an assortment of souvenirs that capture the essence of York Beach. Whether it's a handcrafted trinket that evokes the calming melody of crashing waves or a delightful knick-knack that transports you back to the laughter and joy of sunny beach days, each item in our shop tells a story, just waiting to be shared.


Located near the legendary Short Sands Beach, our vibrant emporium eagerly awaits your arrival, promising an experience that transcends ordinary shopping. Bring your friends, your family, and even your adventurous spirit, for Saxony Imports is so much more than just a gift shop – it's a destination where memories are crafted, laughter resonates, and the spirit of York Beach comes alive.


So, whether you're a local seeking a piece of home or a wanderer passing through, come on in and let the magic of Saxony Imports fill your heart with wonder. Discover treasures that make you smile, create memories that will endure, and embrace the joy of sharing a little piece of York Beach with the world. Prepare to be enchanted, for the adventure starts here!

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10 Railroad Avenue York Beach, ME 03910

(207) 363-6145

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